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By Susan L. Petrakis

Ayioryitika, a wide open-air cost in Arcadia, in critical Greece, used to be inhabited throughout the Neolithic and Early Bronze Age. It used to be excavated in 1928 by way of Carl Blegen below the auspices of the American tuition of Classical reports at Athens, however the examine used to be by no means released. the location is very vital for its fantastically embellished center Neolithic pottery and for its collectible figurines of human figures and animals.

This quantity gathers jointly the scattered and fragmentary facts for the excavation and its reveals. For the 1st time, the knowledge from this huge and significant early city has been made on hand to students and scholars of prehistoric Greece.

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HAG P 189. Tegea. Context: unknown. Pres. 035; th. 015 (foot); d. base, est. 115. Single fragment preserves flaring ring base of large bowl. Surfaces slightly chipped. 5 mm. Surfaces smoothed but apparently unslipped inside and out. Munsell: 10yr 6/4. Compare Vitelli 1993: figs. 7c–l (EN), 16p–r (Trans. EN–MN), and 23g–j (MN). 17 (Fig. 16). Bowl. HAG P 162. Corinth. Context: unknown. Pres. 024; th. 004; d. base, est. 05. Single sherd preserves base and lower profile of a small red-slipped bowl or cup with a flat base.

80 m. The notebook entry reads “Sterile soil instantly. Sherds not kept” (Darbyshire Notebook: 74). STrATIgrAPHy AND ArCHITECTUrE Unit D4 This unit appeared on Cox’s general plan as the most southern of the D series. 0 m. 60 m. below surface in the north end. 70 m. below surface. ” The basket summary indicated that the pottery from Level i was “nearly all Early Helladic;” that from Level ii “half and half Neo and Early Helladic, mostly coarse,” and that from Level iv mainly Neolithic coarse ware, with no Early Helladic (Darbyshire Notebook: 69, 71, 78, 82, 85; Blegen Notebook: 33, 37, 41).

Reddish yellow fabric is fine and quite hard, with few nonplastic inclusions, white, ca. , and sparkly, <1 mm. Surfaces, including underside of base, solidly slipped red. 5yr 5/8 (slip). 18 (Fig. 16). Bowl. HAG P 136. Tegea. Context: unknown. Pres. h. 062; th. 006; d. base, est. 12. Single sherd preserves base and lower body of large, redslipped, open bowl with a concave, flaring base. Surfaces are worn and chipped on exterior, and worn and quite pitted on interior. reddish yellow fabric is fine and smooth to the touch, with white and black non-plastic inclusions, ca.

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