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Ko wa oolciku narimasita yo. I have a younger sister named Ayako. She's really gotten big. To summarize, concepts which are entered in the permanent section of the registry may be topicalized or referred to by an abbreviated method on first occurrence in a. discourse, providing other relevant conditions are met. The concepts which are registered are all items of unique reference (including generic con- cepts). This list is not absolute in that every speaker evaluates his audience and determines for himself whether the audience shares his evaluation of these concepts as items of unique reference.

The next paragraph has two major developments: (I) the speaker does not understand Minobe’s actions; and (II) Tanaka and Minobe are not very different. These points are made in sentences (i) and (k), respectively. In paragraph 1, sentence (a) ‘sets the stage’ for peak (b) . That is, (a) presents the background information which enables participant B to understand why sentence (b) is uttered. Sentence (c) evaluates, or agrees with (b). The relationship of evaluation is found in conversations, but not in monologues, since an evaluation must come from someone other than the speaker of the sen- tence which is evaluated.

N no koto ‘about Former Prime Minister Tanaka’s tax of ¥4,00{),0OO’ from sentence (2713); (27e) evaluates (agrees with) (27d) ; (27g) evaluates (agrees with) (27l') ; and so on. The story line plots the succession of paragraphs and their major structures. It is at this level that significant groupings of sentences become important. For instance, sentence pairs (27b) and (270), (27:21) and (27e), and (27f) and (27g) all form significant groupings. pairs. Specifically, they constitute statement-evaluation These pairs must be recognized as being structured to- gether, despite the fact that they are each spoken by two different people.

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