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Some of the school’s teachings are now no longer a part of the “living tradition,” a percentage of which have been lost forever while some have been preserved through scrolls that remain in multiple collections. The most recent and still current grandmaster of the school is Uematsu Yoshiyuki, who lives and runs his dōjō in Nonoichi within the Ishikawa Prefecture—previously the Kaga domain. Mubyōshi Ryū lives on through Uematsu’s dedicated efforts, through a traditional dance found in the local area, in various scrolls in library and personal collections, and now within this book.

It had the title torn off along with the first few sentences, leaving it nameless. Opening it as best we could, Mieko started mumbling as she read and then explained that the sentences, while difficult to understand, were very familiar, with words such as lantern, wind, and rain starting to emerge from the text. Then she said, “Antony, this sentence is from the shinobi scroll we’re using at the sōsho club. ” Looking to the scroll and the price, I thought that there had been some mistake. Scrolls cost hundreds if not a thousands of dollars, but this one said three thousand yen (under $30).

Looking at the glass, I restrained myself and thought, No, I have been through a million scrolls, and I never find anything of worth to me in these shops. Backing away and waiting for Mieko to retrieve her umbrella and bag from the improvised cloak room, I was accosted by a wizened old man, bent over and overzealous. With his hands on my arm, he led me to the cabinet and started to unlock the glass. I protested as much as I could, knowing that there would be nothing I would want to spend the hundreds if not thousands of dollars that these scrolls could fetch.

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