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As a consequence of a redirection of a threat) seems to make the greater harm permissible by contrast to the way the lesser harm comes about in the second case. However, it would be permissible, I think, to topple the person in front of the trolley so that he stops it when this only paralyzes him, as a substitute for otherwise killing him by redirecting the trolley. '' In Killer Cases (1) and (2), however, the way we bring about the lesser harm does not differ from the way we would bring about a greater harm.

A. BENEFICIAL USE OF A WRONGDOER DURING HIS ACT Consider the second possibility (b) in Killer Case (5): A attacks B and will kill him unless we intervene. We cannot stop A's attack itself; we can only drop a protective mantle around B, which will save him from injury. The only way to make the mantle drop around B is to deliberately hit A with a bullet precisely as he successfully shoots his bullet at B. The bullet does not interfere with As act but will cause his death shortly thereafter and his being dead causes the mantle to drop.

There are only two ways to stop A. One way is to kill him. '' Is substituting torturing A for killing him permissible (or even obligatory)? I believe it is at least permissible. 26 Let us consider this explanation. First, in what sense is it less bad for A to be tortured than to be killed? After all, it may be said, many would reasonably prefer to be killed than to undergo torture. I agree. However, this would probably be true only if the torture were of a different type or lasted for far longer than an hour, as I have described it in this case.

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