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By Jerry Ahern

Don't be a victim—Be a survivor!

Ever think threatened at your residence? on your motor vehicle? in the street? Violent criminals are everywhere—and that is why you would like Armed for private Defense through Jerry Ahern. In Armed for private Defense, you are going to research the fundamentals of hid hold, from what sort of gun to decide on to what sort of holster. additionally, you will find out about knives, golf equipment and improvised guns that may keep your lifestyles while a gun isn't really available.

It's All Here!

  • The most sensible self safeguard calibers
  • Revolvers vs. semi-automatic pistols
  • Holsters: what sort is better for you?
  • Improvised weapons
  • And a lot more!

Self safety is YOUR accountability! So commence arming your self today—with Armed for private Defense!

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38 Special. This is a Model 640, modernized with the addition of Crimson Trace LaserGrips. I. Our great allies, the British, clung to the revolver until the last, even Russia adopting a semi-automatic after the War. Eventually, the British adopted the Browning High Power, although, during World War II, after Belgium was overrun by the Nazis, P-35 Hi-Powers were produced for Third Reich consumption. The pistol was used by both sides, however, High Powers having been manufactured in Canada by the John Inglis Company.

When shooting a snubby revolver fitted with the older, skinny grips, I have absolutely no difficulty. I wrap my fist around the grip, holding it as tightly as possible, rather like holding a piece of rod or a roll of quarters in the fist before firing off a punch. When possible, I settle the revolver – which is held in a death grip inside my right fist – into my left hand for a proper two-hand hold. Accurately firing double action – what one should do with a snubby – is easily accomplished. 38, specifically a Smith & Wesson Model 36 Chiefs Special, blued.

Remind yourself of that incident if a frying pan or a wooden rolling pin (not the plastic kind that is filled with water) or a large can of baked beans is all you have to hand (I prefer Bush’s original recipe over other variations). From the Kitchen … Let’s not forget another category of weapons which will be found in the kitchen, namely chemicals. Spraying an attacker in the eyes with an aerosol cooking spray, window cleaner, bug spray, furniture polish, household deodorant and the like will, at the least, buy you some time.

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