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2. seven-barrel revolver of the period is shown on Plate X, This was originally a flintlock but was modernised in the per- cussion era. A full description will be found in the chapter dealing vdth the detonating system. At this point we take the opportunity of saying a few words about repeating pistols. About 1775 a Minories gunmaker by the name Wilson made a very breech-loading weapon of the magazine type pistol. It was a six to eight round good cannon-barrelled repeating in which of Powder charges were stored in a magazine on the opposite side and the two separated from the barrel by a revolving breech-block operated by a lever which bullets were carried extended along the in a slot in the left side of the butt.

These constitute a neglected branch collector will sooner or later encounter of collecting. Before setting out the reasons for this neglect we will consider the pistols themselves. The majority bear a strong resemblance to Western pistols of the late seventeenth and mid-eighteenth centuries and were probably regarded as belt rather than holster pistols. They are difficult to date since the same types were made over a considerable number of years. A curious feature is that sometimes the locks are of European make, and it is not infrequent to find a pistol with a lock bearing a well-knowri Enghsh maker's name.

Of using the spur was to have the first finger The on the pistol. It also correct method trigger, the second and httle fingers gripping the butt while the third finger gripped the spur. This rigid grip method of holding the weapon not only resulted in a more but caused the barrel to 'hne up' in a natural aiming position. About 1805 the saw-handled butt appeared. This closely resembled the handle of a saw, part of the top section of the butt extending back individually fitted 3—APC thumb and As they had to be they were short-hved.

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