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By Geoff Thompson

This ebook explodes the myths approximately what does and what doesn't paintings in martial arts on today's harmful streets. Geoff educates a reader in all facets of 'pressure testing' the martial arts, making sure that approach and personality healthy whilst it particularly issues.

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Pain/Injury Pain, caused by injury is the body’s way of saying stop, any more may be detrimental. Our innate survival instincts, again on a subconscious level, are often set at a very low tolerance rate causing us to abort long before we reach our desired goals, these cut-out points have to be extended to allow greater tolerance, in some cases even erased completely. Pain is the biggest stopping point for most people. Also pain/injury will register with the brain as danger and activate adrenalin which will act as an anesthetic, whilst it does do this it also causes the fear syndrome.

Its only real flaw is vertical and especially horizontal grappling. 50 Animal Day In vertical grappling Thai is good though slightly unrealistic, not in its power or technique but more in the fact that, because it does not allow ground fighting, the exponents are too vertical and so easy to take to the floor by a system that does allow ground fighting. The atemi in vertical fighting is very strong and very effective, in reality it would be very difficult to apply the same techniques to someone who is not fighting to Thai rules.

Bear in mind though that Animal Day is anything that places you under pressure, if the thought of putting on the gloves and doing three rounds with a boxer scares the pants off you then that’s Animal Day. I would like to break this down into categories that will work for you irrespective of what style you practice, some of the exercises will favour your particular system and others will not, it is important that you do all the prescribed exercises and not miss the ones that you don’t like. If you do that you will have wasted your time.

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