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By Robert I. Curtis

This article discusses ideas in nutrients processing and maintenance from the palaeolithic interval via to the overdue Roman Empire. It considers the vital function meals expertise performed within the political, financial, and social textile of old society.

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Sapiens) in the Far East, H. sapiens neanderthalensis in Europe, and H. sapiens sapiens in Africa. T h e question of the spread and distribution of anatomically modern H. sapiens throughout the Old World forms the center of an ongoing controversy. T h e two ‫״‬Multiregional competing theories accept that H. erectus (— H. 4 evolution" vs. "Out mya and settled throughout Southwest Asia and the Far East, and that either of Africa" late Ii. erectus or archaic H. sapiens populated Europe. T h e r e agreement ends.

25 This certainly seems the case in regard to habitat and diet. Homo prospered in different environments, such as along rivers and lakes, in wooded areas, and in dry open grasslands, and developed a more generalized, omnivorous diet. T h e robust australopithecines seem tied to open grassland near rivers and to a predominantly herbivorous diet. 26 H. erectus and die Acheulian tool kit This climatic change may have spurred development of the second species of Homo. Known earlier as "Java M a n " (Pithecanthropus erectus) from finds in J a v a and "Peking M a n " (Sinanthropus pekinensis) from fossils discovered near Peking (now Beijing), China, especially Zhoukoudian, H.

Erectus, archaic II sapiens, and H. sapiens neanderthalensis) lived. 38 A continuous gene flow a m o n g the populations maintained a homogeneous and synchronous evolutionary development everywhere. " 3 9 Proponents of this group posit a second movement, dating to ca. 60,000 50,000 B. , during which time modern or near modern H. sapiens of Africa fanned out and supplanted archaic II sapiens 36 T h e earliest s p e c i m e n s of / / . sapiens sapiens in Africa c o m e f r o m the O m o R i v e r Valley of E t h i o p i a a n d f r o m Eyasi a n d Laetoli in T a n z a n i a a n d d a t e to ca.

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