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By Sanjay Kumar Gupta, Anushree Malik, Faizal Bux

This edited quantity specializes in finished state of the art information regarding the sensible facets of cultivation, harvesting, biomass processing and biofuel construction from algae. Chapters disguise issues corresponding to man made ecological engineering methods in the direction of sustainable creation of biofuel feedstock, and algal biofuel creation strategies utilizing wastewater. Readers also will observe extra concerning the function of biotechnological engineering in bettering ecophysiology, biomass and lipid yields.
Particular cognizance is given to possibilities of commercialization of algal biofuels that gives a practical overview of varied techno-economical elements of pilot scale algal biofuel creation. The authors additionally discover the pre-treatment of biomass, catalytic conversion of algal lipids and hydrothermal liquefaction with the biorefinery procedure intimately. In a nut shell, this quantity will supply a wealth of data according to a pragmatic assessment of latest advancements in algal biofuel examine with an emphasis on pilot scale reviews. Researchers learning and dealing within the parts of environmental technological know-how, biotechnology, genetic engineering and biochemistry will locate this paintings instructive and informative.

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This chapter describes the recent 28 B. Ravindran et al. advancements in lipid enhancement approaches. Several novel approaches conducted to enhance biolipids in the recent past have been discussed. The strategies such as altering the light intensity and nutrient composition of the medium; inducing stress conditions such as salinity and temperature; and adding certain chemicals and phytohormones can be successfully combined with the application of wastewater as nutrients in order to make the biomass generation a cost-effective process.

A few years later, this method was successfully applied for gene transformation in some other microalgae such as Amphidium and Sybiodium (Wijffels et al. 2013). Nevertheless, the major weakness of this method is the requirement of cell wall-deficient host strain. , Scenedesmus and Chlorella (Misra et al. 2014; Voigt et al. 2014). The more advanced method such as electroporation is more suitable in these circumstances, as this technique can easily disrupt the lipid bilayers of the cell wall creating a channel for the efficient transport of genetic material through the plasma membrane by means of electric current.

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