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By C. M. Shifflett

C.M. Shifflett's "Aikido for instructing and Training," is a thoughfully crafted instruction manual that are supposed to profit any Aikido practicioner. i personally am essentially a Shaolin Kung Fu stylist, besides the fact that, i used to be venerated to have studied with Shihan Paul Silvaine of Valley Aikido in Northhampton Massachusetts among 1985 and 1989. The Aikido that he taught me was once inspiring to assert the least, and its round nature blends completely with either Kung Fu and Tai Chi method. This publication has helped me to re-ignite his teachings, and allowed me to renew perform in Aikido. there's an grand abundance of knowledge inside of this e-book, and several other readings will probably be essential to glean the entire treasure locked inside its pages. The illustrations are sufficient, yet now and again, i presumed few extra pictures may were applicable. I trust many of the different posters that the testimonials have been frequently either funny and becoming, yet now and then i discovered them over the top, and anxiously learn on for extra of the Author's specialist guideline. sustain the great paintings! thumbs up!Sincerely,Erik D.J. O'BrienThe Drums of Doom: half 2 of The Duaredheim employees Saga

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Attitudes are for situations in which you are not to be moved. That is, for garrisoning castles, battle array, and so on, showing the spirit of not being moved even by a strong assault. In the Way of dueling, however, you must always be intent upon taking the lead and attacking. Attitude is the spirit of awaiting an attack. You must appreciate this. In duels of strategy you must move the opponent's attitude. Attack where his spirit is lax, throws him into confusion, irritate and terrify him. Take advantage of the enemy's rhythm when he is unsettled and you can win.

Really skilful people never get out of time, and are always deliberate, and never appear busy. From this example, the principle can be seen. What is known, as speed is especially bad in the Way of strategy. The reason for this is that depending on the place, marsh or swamp and so on, it may not be possible to move the body and legs together quickly. Still less will you be able to cut quickly if you have a long sword in this situation. If you try to cut quickly, as if using a fan or short sword, you will not actually cut even a little.

When I teach my Way, I first teach by training in techniques, which are easy for the pupil to understand, a doctrine, which is easy to understand. I gradually endeavor to explain the deep principle, points which it is hardly possible to comprehend, according to the pupil's progress. In any event, because the way to understanding is through experience, I do not speak of "interior" and "gate". In this world, if you go into the mountains, and decide to go deeper and yet deeper, instead you will emerge at the gate.

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