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How many bottles did they collect all together? The key words “all together” tell you to add the number of bottles. 21 bottles ϩ 55 bottles ϭ 76 bottles Trisha’s class collected 76 bottles all together. 43 Word M ath problems are everywhere, but they are usually in the form of word problems. Changing word problems into math problems is a skill you use every day. Suppose you collect model cars. You have 17 model cars at home. You find a box at a yard sale that has 9 model cars in it. How many model cars will you have in all if you buy the cars at the yard sale?

Add just as you would any two-digit number. 2 hours 22 minutes ϩ 5 hours 10 minutes 32 minutes Add hours. Add just as you would any one-digit number. 2 hours 22 minutes ϩ 5 hours 10 minutes 7 hours 32 minutes The sum of 2 hours 22 minutes ϩ 5 hours 10 minutes is 7 hours 32 minutes. 40 Time Time values can be regrouped. 2 hours 45 minutes ϩ 8 hours 20 minutes Add minutes first. Since 65 minutes is more than 1 hour, regroup. 2 hours 45 minutes ϩ 8 hours 20 minutes 65 minutes 65 minutes ϭ 60 minutes ϩ 5 minutes.

10 tens is is the same as 1 hundred. Write the 0 in the tens place. Carry the 1 to the hundreds column. Three Digits 1 496 ϩ 213 709 Add the numbers in the hundreds column. 1 ϩ 4 ϩ 2 ϭ 7. Write the 7 in the hundreds place. When the sum of the numbers in the hundreds column is more than 9, regroup the hundreds as thousands. In the example below, write a 0 in the hundreds place, and write the 1 in the thousands place. 1 317 ϩ 730 317 ϩ 730 7 317 ϩ 730 47 317 ϩ 730 1,047 29 Adding Greater N umbers that have more than three digits are added the same way as smaller numbers.

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