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By Pam Scheunemann

Introduces, in short textual content and illustrations, using the letter blend ''ack'' in such phrases as ''snack,'' ''track,'' ''lack,'' and ''quack.''

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Wh ich was then the earlier stage? Ordering, of course: without first ordering, there can be no grouping. The Bakairi stands, as it were, with one foot on the lower step of ordering and diffidently places the other on the next higher step of grouping by twos : another picturesque instance of how numbers first became clear to primitive man through the use of a supplementary quantity. But why grouping? Let us ask ourselves why do we always divide a bundle of postal cards by twos? Why do we break up a pile of coins into little heaps of five?

But it is not enough to realize that the 50-division is only one of several contemporary norms between higher and lower units. The essential point lies in the use of the place value notation, regardless of the value of the ratio between consecutive units. No historical theory of the origin of the sexagesimal system is acceptable if it does not account also for this extraordinary feature, namely, the use of the same small number of symbols for different values, depending on the arrangement. A variety of 'bases' is well known from number words and number Counting Systems 27 writing all over the world .

FIGURE 24 An Alpscheit with insets , 1752, on which the positive rights of village peasants are recorded. It is triangular in section, 130 cm long and 9 em wide, weighs over 30 kg and has more than 70 cut-outs into which corresponding insets were fitted (by courtesy of Vandenhoek & Ruprecht , G6ttingen) The Kapitaltesseln (capital tesserae) of Visperterminen in Switzerland were the equivalent of bonds . The community had funds which it would lend out to individual farmers . As a promissory note for his debt the borrower would give the municipal government a tally stick with his personal mark carved on it and the amount of his debt marked on the opposite side.

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