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By Cyrus Ernesto Zirakzadeh

Combining insights from old research with the collective-action college of political sociology, Cyrus Zirakzadeh argues that there has been a calculative, instrumental measurement to the behaviour of the Basque innovative workforce, ETA, that students too frequently forget. This paintings elaborates at the social and fiscal issues of individuals of ETA and the Basque Nationalist celebration, recounts debates inside ETA over the political effectiveness of armed fight, and discusses the impression of neighborhood social routine and nationalist and non-nationalist ideologies on etarras' (ETA participants) considering.

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At least until more systematic information is available, it remains an open question whether the leading families of Neguri provide a rare example of an organizationally cohesive "power elite," or whether political organization and political and economic consensus among the residents are much less developed. 20 Despite its relatively high degree of mechanization and organization, the industrial economy of the Basque coast has never enjoyed sustained prosperity. Since the 1860s the coal, iron, steel, and naval industries have suffered severe depressions every twenty to thirty years.

19 Furthermore, it interprets the psychological condition that leads to violence as largely nonrational in terms of the systematic pursuit of tangible goals. To the extent that the modernization interpretation of Basque politics implicitly borrows and relies upon the causal logic of the classical model, it seems to be open to the common criticisms of that model: (1) it asserts rather than demonstrates that social strain and the emotional strain it is said to produce were the primary causes of political violence, (2) it ignores the social-institutional context of the political violence, and (3) it asserts rather than demonstrates the non-rationality of movement participants.

Chapter 8 looks at the dualistic change in ETA's strategies and activities since the Burgos trial: the sharp escalation in armed attacks between 1975 and 1980, and the simultaneously increasing use of electoral and trade-union opportunities by former etarras. The book's eight chapters substantiate that there is much more to Basque politics than acts of violence fueled by feelings of anomie and by an antimodern populist ideology. There are also numerous economic problems and concerns, a context of nonviolent political struggles and social movements, and diverse social and political ideologies informing deliberations about (and reconsiderations of) strategy.

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