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By Vladimir E. Orel

The articles are relatively fascinating, however the e-book is a little marred by means of forty eight misprinted pages within the s phrases.

One wishes the pdf to right this..

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Die altnordischen und westgermanischen Nomina postverbalia. Heidelberg: Carl Winter, 1975. W Buche - W, W. Der Name der Buche. Berlin: Akademie-Verlag, 1952. XXXVI REFERENCES W NP - W, W. Nomina Postverbalia in den altgermanischen Sprachen. Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Rupert, 1932. W Postv. - W, W. Die ältesten Postverbalia des Germanischen. Göttingen: Hubert, 1938. W Postcons. - W, F A. Postconsonantal w in Indo-European. Philadelphia: Linguistic Society of America, 1926.

SVAO - Skrifter. Norske videnskaps-akademi i Oslo. Historisk-filosofisk klasse. Oslo, 1894–. SVSL - Skrifter utgivna av kgl. humanistika Vetenskapssamfund. Lund. SVSU - Skrifter utgivna av kgl. humanistika Vetenskapssamfund. Uppsala. Sybaris - Sybaris. Festschrift Hans Krahe. Wiesbaden: Otto Harrassowitz, 1958. S Kinship - S, O. Studies in the Kinship Terminology of the IndoEuropean Languages with Special Reference to Indian, Iranian, Greek and Latin. Leiden: Brill, 1977. S Numerals - S, O.

184–185 (Slav *obr˙ from Gothic); M KZ LXV 122–123 (follows B); V RESl XXIX 122 (against abraz S-P); J LBd LX 199–203; W KZ LXXV 58–75 (to Sum áb2 ‘to procreate’, Akk abàru ‘to be strong’); J IEW 86; P I 2; V ANEW 2–3; V A6–7; L GED 1; B Nom. 248; H 93 (to Skt ápas- ‘work, action’, Lat opus ‘work’). : ON au-viräi ‘worthless wretch, damage’, MHG abe ‘from’. A variant of *aba. Cf. Gk Arc-Cypr épÊ for épÒ.

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