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6(b) and 4@), for the limiting case of ideal equilibrium conditions, are identical for both the CO cell and the oxygen cell. In Appendix A it is shown that, from a thermodynamic viewpoint, it makes no difference whether one uses the voltage equation for an oxygen cell, Eq. 1, or that for a carbon monoxide cell, Eq. 2, to compute voltage curves of an ideal sensor. For both rich NF’s and lean AIF’s, voltage equations for either type of cell give identical results for the ideal sensor. However, from a physical viewpoint, an important distinction must be made regarding applicability of Eqs.

Most automotive designs employed today use one of the following fundamental conversion principles: 254 0 Piezoresistive Capacitive 0 Potentiometric LVDT 0 Strain gage 0 Piezoelectric These generic names all refer to an electrical phenomena. The sensor accepts a force (force = pressure X unit area) which directly or indirectly alters some electrical element in proportion to the force supplied as shown in Fig. 2. The elements used in various pressure sensors all encompass a veritable physics book of principles.

The design considerations for choosing an appropriate permanent magnet actuator for Wiegand effect sensors are cost-effectiveness and suitability for environmental conditions. Femtes The ferrite magnets, because of their low cost and relatively larger volume, would typically be used in sensing applications requiring relatively few pulses per revolution and where temperature conditions are not too severe. The ferrite magnets would be optimal for use where simple field configurations are required and where magnet cost is a significant portion of the total device cost.

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