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By Rick Clark


Every kind of karate, tae kwon do, kung fu, or different martial paintings contains the down block as a part of its kata, or varieties. The kinds are comparable adequate that martial artists will realize them as down blocks, although the categorical block seems to be diversified from their very own sort. Taken jointly, those blocks make up a "universe of hundreds" of other adaptations at the easy block

75 Down Blocks explores this universe to appear for the underlying rules universal to all down blocks.

Author Rick Clark examines seventy-five varied attainable diversifications at the uncomplicated down block—with examples on the way to use the down block to protect opposed to twelve varieties of attacks—from wrist grabs and punches to kicks and assaults with a stick.

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In situations where you feel you are in imminent danger of being attacked, it would probably be prudent to avoid or escape from the confrontation if at all possible. However, there are times when this won't be possible, and you'll have to defend yourseU-or someone else. In these situations, where there's no chance of escape and you're at risk of suffering serious bodily harm, you may have to respond with physical force-whether or not a casual observer understands or appreciates the sequence of events.

And your instructor inevitably plays a major role in your development. However, you also interact with many other individuals who can enhance your martial arts 19 20 75 DowN BLOCKS training-both in and out of your dojo. Use your time and relationships with other students and colleagues tO see that you're all making the most of your precious time. Develop relationships with peers whom you respect- you can share your training experiences with each other and help each other make the most of your training time.

A good mentor would be an individual who is both senior to you in experience or training-and still willing to work with you! You can even benefit from working with a mentor who is junior to you, if that person has developed an area of expertise in which you are lacking. For example, if a member of your karate dojo is skilled in wrestling, you may want to have that person mentor you in the area of ground fighting. 2. Become a mentor for others in your group. Each of us has our own particular skill or area of expertise that would be useful to others.

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