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Get outside and play with your family and friends and reconnect with nature. Equipment • 8 pylons • 8 activity cards (made from index cards) Setup • Make cards with descriptions of activities to be performed at each • • • • • station. Divide students into eight groups. Spread out the circuit activities around the playing area. Place one pylon and one activity card at each station. Start each group at a different activity station. Rotate groups clockwise around the circuit when time is called. How to Play Activity 1: Jog to a tree, a fence, and a swing.

Write the name of one item on each index card. Try to create an equal number of cards for recyclable items and for compostable items. Create four word cards per student. Place the word cards in the middle of the gym or playing area. Place two plastic hoops in each corner of the playing area. Divide the players into eight teams (two teams in each corner). Each team sits around its plastic hoops (one recycling bin and one compost bin). , a water bottle word card would go in the recycling bin hoop while a banana peel word card would go in the compost bin hoop).

Use a crumpled-paper ball to practice taking shots into a basketball hoop. 2. Challenge yourself by standing farther away. Station 3: Crumpled Crunches 1. Sit toe to toe with a partner, knees bent, feet flat. 2. Lie down and then sit up to meet your partner in the middle. 3. Pass the crumpled-paper ball every time you meet. Station 4: Fitness Challenge 1. Place pylons and paper balls at each end of the gym. 2. Run to one pylon and pick up a crumpled-paper ball. 3. Run back and drop it off, exchanging it for another one.

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