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Research the work of the French scientist Foucault, who used a large iron ball on a wire to show that the Earth rotates. 5. Could you use pendulums or plumb lines to detect earthquakes or other vibrations in the Earth? 16 Project 5 Melody Camouflage Erroneously perceived sound while masked by noise Suggested Entry Category • Behavioral & Social Purpose or Problem The purpose is to prove that often people “hear” what they expect to hear, even if the sound is not present. Overview Have you ever listened to a blank cassette tape on a stereo that had the volume set loud?

Tide tables are often found in local marinas, newspapers, or by listening to a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) weather station (weather radios can be purchased at many consumer electronic stores). If you do not have access to a tide table, you can spend a day making note of where the high- and lowtide levels are along bulkheads or other land markings. Throwing a small twig in the water at an inlet and watching the direction it floats tells you whether the tide is flowing in or receding out.

On the count of three, both of you should let go of the balls at the same time. It is important for both of you to let go simultaneously. piece of rope through the handles on the other bag. Tie a long piece of string onto a heavy metal washer. From a child’s backyard swing set, tie the other end of the string to the top pipe, letting the washer hang about one or two inches from the ground. Be sure the washer hangs freely and does not touch any of the swings. Notice that even though your ball has farther to travel, it will cross over the plumbline point at the same time as the ball your friend let go.

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